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A Marital Skills education program vetted by


This program is for all couples; married, engaged or dating.

    • Are you planning on marrying within the next 12 months?
    • Want a marital relationship refresher?
    • Would you like a $60. discount off of your marriage license?
    • Are you in a serious relationship?
    • Would you like to learn about your relationship and how to love each other through the ups and downs that life gives all of us?
  • Are you curious about relational skills?

I am a licensed counselor and a vetted provider for the State of Texas program called TwogetherinTexas.

My classes are called Relational Health and they are FREE !! Yes, you read right, they are FREE. There are NO hidden charges whatsoever.

And all you need are yourselves as a couple and the willingness to learn and invest your Saturday together.

These classes qualify engaged couples to a $60. State of Texas discount off of their marriage licenses.

My classes are held on a Saturday from 8:30am till 5pm.

Next class is scheduled for Saturday, January 19th, 2019

The State of Texas requires 8 hours of marital skills education to satisfy receiving a completion certificate that is used at any county office where a marriage license can be purchased.

My FREE class, called Keeping Marriages Healthy, gives to couples the educational marital skills that satisfy the State of Texas requirements for a marital license discount of $60.

One final note:

Anyone can attend. You DO NOT have to be engaged. You DO NOT have to be married. Any couple in a serious relationship is WELCOME. It just makes terrific sense to learn good relational skills because it can enhance the important relationships in our lives.

Here’s a bonus benefit:

Yes, these skills will benefit your primary relationship however, you can take these skills and use them with any relationship: children, family members, friends, church group, and co-workers. And…you’ll have a lunch provided.

How to register: 

Click on this link for schedule and location:

    1. Choose  the class >  Keeping Marriages Healthy on January 19th, 2019
  1. Fill in your information for each partner and that’s it.

Here’s a brief description of the class:

What is covered

    • Explore how giving first is the key to healthy relationships
    • Discover your own Ten Relational Needs
    • Learn to recognize and meet key relationship needs as a deep way of loving yourself and your partner
    • How to apologize
    • Identify what aloneness is and discover how to remove it
    • Practice skills as a couple that will enhance any relationship
  • And more…much more.

You will receive:

    • Textbook to take with you
    • Certificate of completion that entitles you to a  discount on your Marriage License fees
    • Resources and handouts to continue your relational healthfulness
    • Greater self-awareness
    • Greater awareness of your partner
    • Awareness of other couples’ stories
  • New friends and contacts

Have Questions?

Please use the Contact Us tab (above) and ask away.

Keeping Marriages Healthy

Relational Skills Workshop

for Couples

Saturday, January 19th, 2019


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