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    Welcome To Relational Counseling Services

    Our relationships define the quality of our lives.
    Therefore, if you want a measure of your life's quality, take a peek at your relationships. Even the relationship with yourself.

    I serve you as adult individuals suffering from too much anxiety, stress, fear, depression, and confusion. I serve you as a couple suffering from too much conflict, lack of intimacy, lack of passion, and lack of trust who desire to restore the emotional closeness you once had. I can help you see what are your relational needs and HOW to get them met.

    Conflicts are most prevalent in relationships. And, we know that every couple fights. It's really supposed to happen, from a healthy point of view. Conflict is trying to break down our emotional walls of separation to help us get closer. Seems crazy, right? I'll help you see that it's really not. And it will be your beginning to calmness.

    When conflict seems overwhelming or concerning, this is a perfect time for counseling. It provides an interruption in the arguments so that you have an emotional pause to gather what's really happening. My counseling offers you a SAFE container to process away the negative emotional energies. With life stressors constantly all around us, it is nearly impossible for our voices to be heard, someone to understand us, and having feelings of being close. Incessantly paying attention to these stressors constantly robs us of fulfilling our need to be loved.

    If it were possible, what would be the price you would pay to have your issues disappear? Would you do this for your children? Then, why not for yourself? Consider counseling an investment in your relationships; like maintaining your house or saving for retirement. I have seen many individuals and couples who were struggling and who have regained their trust and loving tenderness with themselves and/or each other through counseling. Please do not suffer unnecessarily.

    I welcome your questions or inquiry. My consult is FREE.

    Adult Individual, Family, and Couples Counseling Services

    Relational Counseling Services is owned and operated by Paul J. Iarussi, M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate.
    Paul is supervised by Eric Denner, LMFT-S

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