Paul Iarussi: Who Am I ?

A little background


I have over 60 years of life experience and education. I have had many transitions in life from marrying to divorcing to remarrying with a blended family. I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I have had corporate employment from which I retired. I have moved residences, traveled, consulted, taught, and volunteered.  I hold two masters degrees; one in Professional Counseling and the other in Computer Science.

I help adults help themselves. I work with your goals. Since all people possess the ability to be happy, even amidst suffering the grief of loss, anger with a spouse, injury or illness, usually we can recover to happier times. I can help you get there. My counseling serves you to help remove pain so that love and intimacy can thrive.  You can recover.

You have what it takes


Within you, there’s a tremendous abundance of information and the feelings that surround it which are significantly personal, meaningful and relational. This is invaluable within your therapy. As our lives, at times, seem overwhelming, confusing, or in transition, it is difficult to find answers or direction.  Through therapy, and the wealth of your information and feelings, my aim is to help you find your direction and your answers. This can result in an enhancement to the quality of your life and the relationships you have.



I serve adults and couples. I am also a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator and a vetted facilitator under the TwogetherinTexas program in the State of Texas. These credentials serve to help couples who are either on a path towards marriage or couples who may simply wish to enrich their relationship.

My job is to help you. Please call for a free consult.